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Accoutrements is one of many projects of musician Dylan M. Howe. Employing archaic forms of non-musical technologies and audio formats as tools to construct abstract sonic arrangements, Accoutrements is marked by one constraint: no synthesizers, ever. Howe is currently based between his hometown, Bend Oregon, and Los Angeles, California.
AMBIGERE (tacoma, WA)
Ambigere is the drill noise project of sound artist Robert Moos. Half surveillance drone and half science-fiction danger signal. Utilizing an array of menacing effects, he creates a monolithic din that doubles as the musical accompaniment to mankind's ruination
BRAD ANDERSON (federal way, WA)

Electro-Acoustic music. Keyboards, Soundscapes, Industrial, Glitch, Ambient.


ADAM ARRITOLA (rochester, NY)  
BIG CITY ORCHESTRA (san francisco)
BCO has is a legendary avant-garde/art project originally from Los Angeles, California which embarked on in 1979. They have publicated about 230 hour-long releases and being an important chain in the cassette culture movement of the previous decades. They jumped out from the same nest as did other famous Californian cutting edge groups such as The Residents, and Negativeland, for instance. Their music has swerved in countless directions, veering from sound art and dada experiments and psycho-acoustic explorations to off-kilter electronica and sophisticated noise and acousmatic "folk" music.
BIRD TRAIN (sacramento)
Bird Train is an experimental music project which seeks to explore the relationship between nature and the impact that humans have on it. This is done through a combination of field recordings and electronic instruments.
The sounds of nature have been personally recorded from various parts of the country, including Sacramento, Chicago, and Hawaii. They are intended to create an immersive atmosphere of the natural world, as well as our impact on it. Electronic sounds are added as a juxtaposition to these recordings. A variety of synthesizers, effects, and other instruments are used to convey this idea. The sounds created include harsh noise, ambient soundscapes, evolving drones, and more
BRONTOSAURUS (sacramento)
I make loud, sloppy music from whatever genre and style I feel like doing on that day. I write music about dinosaurs and other awesome stuff.
CAT FOOD (portland, ME)
Cat Food has been kicking around the expensive seaside village of Portland, Maine, for as long as anyone can remember. Send them 50 cents ca$h and ask nice, and they'll allegedly provide you a walking tour of the city in the winter months where they tell you the current Zestimates (tm) of all the old flophouses in town, which they know because Bob works in finance and Pat used to be a cabbie.
And the result of all this? A dark, droning, sarcastic, mess that lands them somewhere between Chrome and the Dead C, with a healthy hint of other evil elements, with the occasional sarcastic vocal from Patrick aka "The Guy on the Right" If you don't know what sarcasm is, ask your dad. Or your Uncle, who never left the 90's. What ever happened to that nice lady Gayle he used to date? We all really thought she was the one. Oh well.
Thank you for your time! XOXO" (But seriously, thank you for your time)
Ceremonial Abyss began releasing tapes in 2015 on the infamous Cuss Fetish label in the Northwest, as the artist was seeking an additional outlet from the maximalist industrial project Thee Source ov Fawnation. Passing through phases of no-rave and dub-heavy tape collage, the project currently focuses on long-form composition, inspired by synesthetic landscapes of now.

once there was a dude.. he used to drink Jolt cola.. it was righteous .. but then Jolt Cola went away
and he faded ..all that was left were his shoes... Another dude found them, and they were magickal,
and filled with sonic enlightenment that moved him so much that he was consumed by the shoes and
to their power....which he now shares with those willing to learn just how harsh a
harsh noise wall can go?? and the answer is all the way dude.. all the way.
COMPACTOR is an interconnected set of mostly obsolete machinery that is manipulated by an anonymous everyman figure known as The Worker for a faceless corporation. The sounds of the machinery form soundtracks to the daily grind in the urban wasteland. Each Work Document has a different subject and corresponding sonic focus, and each live shift or installation is slightly adapted to the site requirements.
Documents have been licensed to Phage Tapes, Ohm Resistance, Low Noise Productions, Annihilvs Power Electronix, and several others since 2011.
CRANK STURGEON (waste managment, ME)
Foaming at the gills with pockets full of thrift store novelties, homemade transducers, and costuming collaged from mailbox circulars, Crank Sturgeon utilizes such finery to marinate a commingling of noise and lower case art interruption. The result has been a multi-decade journal entry that reads something like a traveling circus flier: brimming with tales of dirigible mishaps, bathtub teleconferences, cassette recordings consisting of hiccuping contests, and skits showcasing repurposed office equipment that never seem to stay on script (or upright for that matter).
DEAD FERN (berkeley)
My journey as an independent artist began during the brief yet screeching halt to this capitalist hell world in 2020. It has and will continue to take many forms by way of synthesizers, tape machines, and ample amounts of feedback drenched noise.ley harsh noise/feedback loops and drones
DEADLY NIGHTSHADE (sacramento)  
+DOG+ (sudbury, MA)
+DOG+ was formed in 1990 in osaka, moved to MA from 93-98, CA from 98-16 and back in MA since 16.
+DOG+ is an experimental noise band. +DOG+ somehow is involved with love earth music as well. www.loveearthmusic.com
EDEN PARISH (sacramento/san jose)  
EUROSTACHE (bay area)
eurostache emerged in 2009 from a street corner on Telegraph Ave in Oakland, as a group project centering around electro-acoustic real-time collaborative experiments in sound. They mainly perform live, exploring the venue's sound-space through the lens of child-like wonderment— playing novel instruments, found objects, analog synths, FX / meta-processing and sound recordings in unusual combinations with traditional instruments. Vocalists employ extended techniques to humanize the highly transient cacophony which can range from ambient textures to noise and feedback. Each performance is different given they are improvised and typical musical structures are set aside as they travel within the fringes of sounic expression.

(san francisco)
The pyro-industrial band F-Space launched in 1997 in San Francisco, CA by pyrotechnic sound artist Scot Jenerik and Savage Republic guitarist and percussionist Ethan Port, drawing from their roots in the early 1980s industrial music scene, and Jenerik’s proto-industrial music performances that used various invented instruments of tortured sound and fire at Burning Man in the early 90s. Chrome Drummer Aleph Kali Omega joined in 2002.

The F-Space's sound has been described as a “seething sepulchral sound of post Industrial-Punk. Densely subterranean tribal percussion, resonating Middle Eastern guitar, atmospheric ambience, and dissonant metallic clanging reminiscent of Einsturzende Neubauten and Throbbing Gristle (they are long time friends with members of both projects and have collaborated with them on various events) immerse you into a cataclysmic realm of subtle beauty and extreme chaos.”

Early performances were chaotic and involved an excessive amount of fire from Jenerik’s hand built pyro-infused percussion instruments. Port kept pace with a sonic psychedelic monotone guitar wash, tinged with middle eastern references and melodies, creating a type of whirling dervish soundtrack for the witch trials. Needless to say, they were a mainstay of the late 90’s Burning Man scene. From 1999-2001 Jenerik toured the US and Europe as a solo artist, joined by international colleagues he had hosted and released through his non-profit noise label 23Five. In 2002, Aleph Kali Omega joined the band to provide a solid foundation to the chaos produced by Jenerik and Port.

Joel Connell of Man Is The Bastard replaced Aleph Kali (who was unavailable) on drums for a US tour and is featured on “Charity And Hope” from the 2003 F-Space debut album “Preliminary Impact Report”. The album has been described as “an apocalyptic, feral, destructive trance state implying a catastrophic act of nature, a march through the desert on the path to war, or an offender's mental state during a crime of passion.”

FARRAH FAUCET (pittsburgh, PA)
(they/she) everybody’s (least) favorite disabled, queer noise goddess. bodies are so last season, so come get haunted with this grimy ghost.
(this will be rain’s 9th appearance at norcal noisefest.)
FEED FATIGUE (portland, OR)
Violent harsh noise from Portland, OR. Known for short, thrashing live sets, Johnny Brooke attempts to capture, convey and momentarily alleviate the wretchedness of existence through strangling and manipulating various source sounds.
FIERCE DIETY (houston, TX)
Harsh Noise artist from Austin Texas. Started Writing and recording music in 2011 and started playing live in 2013. Utilizing cassette tapes, DIY synths and lofi microphones I aim to make Noise Music as harsh as possible and as memorable as possible

(chicago, IL)
Gordon Fung (b. 1988, San Francisco) is a transdisciplinary artist who primarily works with experimental film/video, noise music, multi-/new media performances, DIY electronics, digital art, programming, and installations. His works highlight unconventional executions like noises, lo-fi presentations, and glitches. Such aesthetics confronts the viewers’ understanding, perspective, and point of view through a more philosophical, if not esoteric, investigation.
To expand the possibilities of artistic idioms, he intertwines both analog and digital technologies—also to signify the co-existence of mundane and spiritual worlds. By overloading software and hardware, he collapses the two worlds to expand the audience’s perception of reality. As a break-maker, he employs circuit-bending to regain consumers’ sense of agency through artistic means. His involvement in media archeology strives to unearth unexplored potentials of obsolete equipment and to revive them to artistic life.
Informed by his multivalent aesthetics, he forms the collective //sense at SAIC to showcase time-based artists’ works through performances, workshops, and seminars. By curating experimental performances, he fosters a collaborative common ground for sound/video/performance/electronic artists to create gesamtkunstwerk through synergy.
As a runaway composer in contemporary music, his compositions have been performed in Canada, China, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, and the U. S. A.

GERONIMO ARAFAT (los angeles)
Sometimes known as Geronimo Arafat, Frail Digit Lamb's Tongue and Basidiomycota, Z.Sinda Koslika has performed with Deletist, The Haters, Crank Sturgeon, Pandiscordian Necrogenesis, Styrofoam Sanchez (Coral Remains), Rubber O Cement, The Hanger Quartet, Bren't Lewis Ensemble, Take Up Serpents, Nerfbau, Bonus Beast, Terror Apart, Actuary, Kitty Empire, Bran(...)Pos, Liver Cancer, Colony Collapse, Arachnid Arcade, Cerebral Roil, Chrome Genie & Arachnid Arcade and has collaborated live with Petit Sac, The Cocksuckers, William Caruso and Chrome Genie and in Kaijin Nijuichi Menso with Petit Sac. He also has, in recorded output, had splits with Paregorik and Playing With Nuns and done collaborations with Bren't Lewiis Ensemble and Szbüta Söroh.
glowing holes (Tbilisi, GEORGIA)
gh is a harsh noise audio project active since 2020 and influenced by LE SYNDICAT, Controlled Bleeding, Guilty Connector, .nyctalops., Namanax + some aspects of humankind
HANS VON BARTLES (santa rosa)
Formed in the year 2012 in anticipation of the great dimensional shift, Hans Von Bartles was realized as the extension of a powerful psychic bond between two deranged homo sapiens floating through the yuppie-infested wine country town of Santa Rosa, California. Many nights are spent laboring under fluorescent headlamps, the laptop fans are clogged with dust and smoke as Hans inscribes a message upon its harddrive. A message pulled from holy books found in the gutter in front of the casino, one that echoes in the uppermost corners of one's unconscious mind, like pinballs connecting the dots to Nirvana, inertia is key.
DON HAUGEN (eugene, OR)
Don Haugen (born January 3, 1971) is an American experimental musician and multidisciplinary artist from Eugene, Oregon. Since the late 1980s he has created sounds categorized as electro-acoustic, noise, dark ambient, abstract, avant-garde, experimental, field recordings, drone, and minimalist music. Haugen is also a member of the drone/doom band Stalagmite.
His music has a range whispering quiet to densely loud. The sound sources of his music are wide ranging and diverse. They include manipulation of acoustic and electronic instruments, field recordings, feedback noise, test equipment, synthesizers, and effects pedals. The work focuses on experimenting with location specific sound and room dynamics.
HEADBOGGLE (san francisco)  
JACK HERSCOWITZ (los angeles)
Jack Herscowitz is a Los Angeles based composer, sound artist, and improviser whose work runs the wide gamut of interactive sound installations, harsh noise, ethereal drone soundscapes, theatrical chamber music, and communal spaces for sound making. He performs using a digital looping station, either solo or alongside acoustic improvisers. His music has been presented around the world in museums, art centers, basements, libraries, and living rooms.
DYLAN HOUSER (lakeland, FL)
Dylan Houser is Dylan Houser (Hell Garbage, Formaldehydra, Die Quaint, Botüüliszm, etc), based out of central Florida, USA. Their work ranges from a variety of different styles, including (but never limited to) noise, dark ambient, free improvisation, not-so-free improvisation, noise, noisecore, melancholy minimal synths, noise, noise, psychedelic guitar freakouts, dictaphone collages, tribal percussion, noise, and the occasional foray into “actual music” (yikes). Did I mention noise? They also tend to feature their cats quite often on album covers and throughout social media.
Funny Power Electronics From The Big Fuckin’ Apple
HUMANFLUIDROT (pompano beach,FL)
Jennifer wrestled her friend playfully to the ground in front of the snowcone stand and began licking the girls eyebrows as if they were sugar cubes. Human fluid rot is a burst of sound wave manipulation caused by inner emotion and feeling from creator, Robert Wilson Brantley III. Described by many as harsh noise or experimental soundscape, Robert just puts it as inner-most-feelings and expressions through sound. Using various pieces of hardware, Human Fluid Rot creates audibly colorful moods at intense volumes in what to him seems like a long period of time but in a matter of 3-7 minutes leaves he and his crowds mentally and audibly exhausted.
Industria Masoquista is a harsh noise project from Ecuador active since 1997. The noise
recordings concept is based on sounds created with contact mics, synths and screams, it’s
according to the different parameters of my life. In my music I expose the multiple reasons for
my sadness, joy and anger towards the opposite side of each of them. In addition to this, is
important my psychological culture in which I find myself at the time of the recording.

Industria Masoquista has multiple splits, collaborative Works and compilations with artists such
as: Ames Sanglantes, Armenia, Diagram: A, Haters, Kadef, Macronympha, Mourmansk150,
Outermost, Pain Jerk, Skin Crime and more related noise artists, released in format LP, CD, DVD,
CD-R and tape in underground labels like Charito Records, Bizarre Audio Arts, Eeire Noise
Records, Hospital Productions, UPD Organization among others. Live apperances in
Experimental Noise Festivals on Latin America and Europe with arists like: 886VG, Anla Courtis,
Armenia, Bastard Noise, Crank Sturgeon, Damlah, Daniel Pico, K.I.L.L., Phroq, Szkieve, Tomas
Beck, Transfiguration, Zbingiew Karkowski (R.I.P.) and more.
INSTAGON (miami, AZ)
(...a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...)
INSTAGON was founded in chaos theory during 1993, and has for over 30 years now, continued on with sonic exploration with that chaos.
Never the same experience for the band as well as the audience, always changing, never stable, but all under the conceptual direction of LOB, it's founder... .
Instagon has appeared at ALL previous Norcal Noisefest happenings
IRONING (gainsville, FL)
Andrew Chadwick (from Gainesville, FL) has been performing as Ironing since 2005, collaging vinyl, cassettes, radio, µcassettes via real time analog cut-up methods & physical battering to a create a blown out sound art dance party.
Prior festival appearances include the International Noise Conference, Savage Weekend, Ende Tymes, Sonic Circuits, Miami Performance International Festival, Voice of the Valley, Freedumb Fest, and many more. Andrew has run the Action Research experimental show series in Florida since 2007.
J 3 M 5 (calabassas)
Experimental rythmic noise, glitch and dubtron. A circuit bent practice focused on integration of stereo effects, midi, CV and other modified hardware. Eighty five performances include International Noise Conference (Miami), Substation (Singapore), NorCal Noise Fest (Sacramento), Jogja Noise Bombing (Indonesia), Honor Fraser Gallery, Art Center College of Design, Coaxial and SoundPedroM and more.. Featured in LA and OC weekly. His releases are available through Inner Demon Recordings, Forever Escaping Boredom and Kylix Media.
KILLDRY (los angeles / new york)
KillDry is the dark ambient guitar duo of Nicholas Deyoe and Jay Sorce. The name KillDry is taken from the term as it is used in effects pedal jargon, when the dry signal (the unprocessed guitar sound) is removed completely leaving only the ‘wet’ sounds - the cavernous ambience of a reverb or the warbled disembodied sound of a modulated delay. In KillDry, the pedalboard becomes a fully realized musical instrument, expressively manipulated in real-time. By carefully routing the guitar signal, often in several parallel effects chains, the sound captured, refracted, manipulated, deconstructed; the effect is like a moving sculpture, with the guitar sound as the tactile raw material.
klowd (corvalis, OR)

klowd is a drone project of John Frank started in Sacramento Ca nearly 30 years ago with a focus on contact mic'd sound sources and homemade instrumentation made of re-purposed objects. Klowd is now based in Corvallis Oregon

LIICEHN (sacramento)
FORMERLY KNOWN AS "Holiday Special"
LIVER CANCER (placer county)
Liver Cancer is always a NF favorite !

MAJOR TINNITUS (sacramento)
Major Tinnitus is the noise project of Stephen Doyle. Amongst his weaponry are circuit bent toys, killer thrift store finds and homemade effects boxes.
Medicine Cabinet is an ongoing electronic music project from Tracy, CA resident Marc Schneider.
The project started in the mid 90's with nothing more than the now famous Roland 303 Groovebox and a heavy delayed microphone.
Marc has been active in the Northern and Southern California noise scenes since 2006. True to Marc’s fascination with the history of the genre,
Medicine Cabinet shows are typically noise or noise drone based improvisations using analog synths and circuit bent devices.
Mini-Mutations is Austin Rich, a radio broadcaster and musician from Salem, Oregon.
A mixture of collage, free-imporv, political audio essay and occasional comedy, these soundscapes evoke a sense of going on a journey, through sound, and finding that you've landed somewhere else on the other side. Mini-Mutations does no repeat performances, and each one has a different theme or subject.
Mini-Mutations wears their influences on their sleeves, and occasionally, on their recordings, too.
MISER (los angeles)
Miser is the ritual electronics unit founded by John Hudnall and Drew Girard, existing as improvisatory live performance, installation sound art, and recorded sound and video output. Miser invokes vortex sound forms to create ritual spaces, inspired by organic, technological, and imagined sources with the aim of reaching the sublime absurd state -- seeking deeper individual and collective understanding.

MOESER (el cerrito)
Moeser is an experimental sonic mashup of post-punk, free jazz, math rock, and noise, composed of Ethan Port (Savage Republic, F-SPACE), Tom Scandura (The Molecules), and Dan Plonsey. Many of their song titles are inspired by the band's hometown in El Cerrito.
Minmei Decelis (Chicago, IL) will either wind up burning the place down, or flooding it. For over two decades, Min has channeled ghosts through elderly Macs that can barely keep up with whatever software she can get for free. My Boyfriend the Pilot frequently serves aquatic tonic on the rocks with noise/drone jam sessions, VJ sets and Saturday morning cartoons on Twitch. Audio/visual hijinks ensue.
NOVASAK (st.petersburg, FL)
Active since 1997, Novasak is a solo noise project by Todd Novosad. Using handmade effects and sound systems, he creates immersive sound scapes and harsh noise.
Born & raised East coast city scum that was ducking & dodging terrible situations (like 10m away from being aborted) to what always seemed the extreme bad parts of life. Good was rare and when did happen vanished in a instant. Only constant good was sounds!! From sirens outside, songs , bottles breaking, people yelling and later on seeing live shows than playing. Lucky my grandpa showed me a Reel to Reel recorder when i was 3 and out of that field recordings to messing w/ reels making squealing sounds. By time was 8-10 made collage tapes and started on the experimental path w/out realizing it. Had a lot of projects and styles but ODTK was always kicking around since 2000. Fast forward last couple yrs sadly life went back to rough and barely even got to play shows. Last time played in Sac was July of 2019's SAW.

Paranoiac Critical Method is the solo project of the City Councilman from the Bren’t Lewiis Ensemble.
Through the use of modular synths, modified instruments, pedals, apps, acoustic sounds and video elements the goal of Paranoiac Critical Method is to create an irrational delirium for the listener/viewer.
PHALSE PROFIT (sacramento)  
PHOG MASHEEEN (costa mesa)
Phog Masheeen is a sound art/video collective from Costa Mesa or Joshua Tree, California that focuses on using aerophones, idiophones and electronics for performance and sound design.
Phog Masheeen Events produces shows in a variety of settings.
(placeholder) trio (los angeles)
What is (placeHolder)? We don’t really know. One fateful night, in the Fall of 2020, three noisy people – M A Harms, Eric Lennartson, and Daniel Newman-Lessler – put together a house show in Somis, CA. Unbeknownst to them, that singular event would spark lifelong friendships and lots and lots of music. Sometimes it’s a soft and simple droning on pump organs accompanying folk melodies; other times it is a fury of feedback and rogue electronics; frequently it is an eruption of a joyous cacophony; and always it is something new, unexpected, and a complete departure from previous performances.
Protofrustration is a noisy set of beliefs and practices invented by American knucklehead Zack Wheaton, and an associated movement. It has been variously defined as a cult, a business or a new religious movement.
Any attempts to ascertain deep meanings or epiphanic thinking within the works of Protofrustration should be discouraged. Ask your budtender if Protofrustration is right for you.
Stripped down, bare and loud. Harsh-ish noise to the tune of a midlife crisis. Quivering Lip doesn't leisurely explore the unwanted sounds of the world around us, but rather embraces them for their guttural beauty.
SHARKIFACE (oakland)
Sharkiface is a static-witch, sample siren from Oakland who's been weaving incantations through sound since the 90s. Relocated from Austin,TX she's played in many Bay Area noise projects over the last 20+ years and founded LCM, Life Changing Ministry, a former noise venue housed in an old church in West Oakland.
The sounds of Shifting Harbor are evolving sonic landscapes rotating through time, summoned by Tom Asselin (of Canadensis and Medicine for a Nightmare). The blending of manipulated textures and space can have the effect of observing memories that may or may not be your own. Shifting Harbor's second full length album Cycle of Return was released in 2022 on Anima Recordings.
SINISTER SENILE (louisville, KY)
Sinister Senile is an evolving experimental project with a dark yet pretty electro-accoustic experimental edge. The project was founded in 1997 by artist Kensaku Nishizato. It has involved live works with Pas Musique. Along with contributions by Norman Westberg (Swans) and others.

Since making a handmade tape loop in 1986, Kensaku has collaborated with Steven Stapleton, Val Denham, and various folks from around the world. This past February Kensaku worked with Peat Bog (earthmonkey, Inflatable Sideshow, Nurse with Wound) on two new earthmonkey tracks.

SkruntSkrunt presents a mad scientist approach to noise. SkruntSkrunt offers a unique and varied combination of audio and visuals. From harsh noises to ambient, SkruntSkrunt explores the soundscape of the modern desktop, the auditory aspects of bodies and gravity, and the interaction of physical simulation and granular synthesis. SkruntSkrunt is a long-running project of Edmonton, Canada-based Abram Hindle who leverages a wide range of custom software and stolen software ranging from office applications, physics sims, video-games and custom-built user interfaces, in order to produce jarring synthesis. SkruntSkrunt has been a regular act at the former Victoria Noise Festival
STOLEN LIGHT (san jose)
Stolen Light is the work of Brett Lunceford, who is also the driving force behind the Zaftig Research label (best known for their series of Christmas compilations). For this performance, he will be joined by his sons, Adam and Soren. Stolen Light has performed at several Noisefests beginning in 2001. Stolen Light is likely the only performance you will see this weekend with no pedals or noise generators. We will, however, have some power tools.
TAMBALAYA (santa cruz)
Tamara “Tammy” Duplantis is a Louisiana-born experimental musician, digital media artist, game developer, and teacher of the arts. Under the name Tambalaya, she crafts unique games and music out of glitchy Game Boy cartridges and hand-me-down toy Casios, planting strange and beautiful pixel dreams in every place they take root.
TANUKISPIDERCAT (san francisco)
TanukiSpiderCat (SF) is an improvisational blend of electronic cello, synth, and samples. Looping,
layered, and staggering ever forwards, haunting melodies emerge. It’s a fragmented, unlikely animal,
dealing in dissonance and slivered voices.
TECH DIFF (sacramento)  
UBERKUNST (sacramento)
UBERKUNST was first created in 1995 when the NIAD (Noise Instrument Analog Device) was first used to interface humans with machines, allowing each to comprehend the suffering of the other. UBERKUNST engaged in multiple dangerous and outrageous battles with hideous transdimensional beings and the enemies of structure and order, often misconstrued as "noise performances," until 2007 when their efforts to scare the Elder Gods to the other side of the cosmos left them so depleted that they had to be stored in cryogenic healing chambers. They can only be released from their chambers for 10-15 minutes a year, both to ensure their future survival when needed to carry out NIAD's will, but also to protect audiences from the deadly toxic radiation that the band emits after prolonged exposure to the horrors of the cosmos.
Uberkunst has appeared at ALL previous Norcal Noisefests
univac (costa mesa)
Consummate TechDweeb, visual artist and NovaTone “musician” univac continuously re-purposes the detritus of trickle-down technology, toys and off-the-shelf electronics in order to create circuit bent audioVisual hybrids—causing the engineers of the original items to shudder in disbelief. He has been making experimental electronic noise and visuals since the late 1980’s.

Based out of Palmetto, FL, Vasectomy Party was formed out of pure boredom and isolation in early 2012 by Hal Harmon. The project was initially formed for private sound experimentation, but through the countless inspiration and encouragement of others, has had a steady stream of releases and live performances over the years. The project is grounded in the harsh noise idiom, but with forays into wall-noise, drone, tape manipulation, and electro-acoustic noise.
Vic VOID (Vic Alexander) has been weaving sound and art since childhood. He is a guitarist, potter, and
multimedia artist who creates sound sculptures, assemblages, painted works and tuned pots from native
clay. Active in Phoenix since the ‘90s, Vic is the founding member of a number of art bands including Acid
Blue Yonder, The DestrucTones, TriBop, Free Fall, and the jazz improv group Off/Axis. Smaller
exploratory projects have included DADA|mbient Artnoise and Ohm Bros. Vic anchored the “Every Friday
Night – Some kind of Noise” series at the Metropophobobia for years, and has always been fortunate to
work with talented individuals in the pursuit of his “aggressive ambient” style.
Notable current endeavors include the traveling experimental sound and ritual body motion project
Butoh Sonics, and the Mysterium Quartet (formerly RPM Orchestra) which provides live accompaniment
to classic silent films at some of Arizona’s most interesting and coveted festivals and venues.
Vic’s art has been exhibited in a number of galleries over the years - Deux ex Machina, Cone Gallery,
Alwun House, and the legendary Thought Crime are but a few. His sound sculptures and art pieces have
been on indefinite loan to art houses such as the Bisbee Royale, Eden Springs and the famed Arizona
based Miami Art Works. Currently, the artist explores the realm of analog-based video synthesis and its interaction with audio influences. He has participated in events beamed from London, Helsinki and various points Stateside
including the long-running Norcal Noisefest. He may appear as Vic VID, or Chromasome.

Kretch Feilderman AKA Metrical Dimensions
Kretch is a sound artist hailing originally from Niagara Falls/Buffalo area of New
York. He uses many forms of instruments and effects pedals to create sounds,
including field recordings, made instruments, tape loops and circuit bent toys.
WALLMART (harbor city)
XOME (woodland)
Xome is a harsh noise music project conceived and operated by Bob Scott. Xome first started experimenting with dissonant forms of music in 1989 but the first organized live performance in Tokyo in 1994 marks the true activation of the project. Now based in Woodland, CA, Xome has evolved into a highly refined and extremely harsh noise music unit by means of improvised manipulation of sound generating and processing equipment.


ZILMRAH (brooklyn, NY)
ZILMRAH , from Brooklyn NY, is Lawry Romani's Noise/Drone project started as a vehicle to combine his hand-built electroacoustic instruments with samplers and modular synths to maximize his sound design capabilities. Since its inception in 2008, he has performed solo and with numerous collaborators, including legendary NYC Industrial act MISSING FOUNDATION.


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