Norcal Experimental Music & Sound Art Festival started in 1995 and was organized by FLOYD & JAY, with help from others, for 3 years.
After 3 years everyone that was involved were tired and had better things to do with their lives and so in 1998 & 1999 there was no Noisefest.

..but the seeds were planted and the following year one of the local performers took it upon himself to recruit a few people to help revive the concept
and phase 2 of Norcal Noisefest was restarted/rebranded and the era of BILL began in 2000. In 2005 another long time performer and artist from
the scene LOB moved to Sacramento and became involved with the event ..and within a few years ANDREW also became heavily involved.

The era of " BILL / LOB / ANDREW " has been happening now for 23 years..
.this is the Norcal Noisefest that most of you know..

In 2019 BILL attempted to step down from being one of the main planners, but the vortex held him in....
In 2021 LOB moved to Arizona and is no longer local, making it tough to be 'hands on'.
And this past year, 2023, saw the strain of this event become too hard on Andrew dealing with both video srtreaming
and stage managing and being the real person doing the "hands on" work...
It's just too too much for the 3 of us to continue on as we have been and bring the event to life with the quality WE want it to be and you expect it to be..
We are all tired, spread apart, and have less time than we did 20 years ago for this project for sure…
it took us 20 years to reach the point that Floyd and Jay reached in only 3 years.

While this seems like it might be the end for Norcal Noisefest.. that is not really the case.. its just going back into hibernation.. perhaps it will return..
perhaps it will become something else.. but whatever is gonna happen.. its gonna be some one else doing it.

On behalf of BILL BURG, ANDREW WAYNE, and myself, LOB. We want to thank YOU... the performers and the audience,
and the crew who have been with us for a great run.. its seriously been just stellar.. like nothing else ever.. every year for over 2 dozen years..
the best noise fest ever.. always. And that is because of YOU.. the crew, the listeners.. the audience.. and the performers that came
to have a great time and spend the weekend here with us annually for 27 years… we could not have asked for more.
Except for more.. so we hope someone else runs with the ball and we get to come enjoy it for a change instead without the stress.

There is a new group being organized by a few Sacramento area noise/sound artists to continue this legacy with some NEW concept
and a new named event that would be of the same nature.. but with new organizers brings obviously a new taste and feel..
I have been DEEPLY involved for the past 15 years and so this event REEKS ov LOB.. and I am not able to make it continue as it has..
so I am stepping away and letting something new come forth and see what happens...but I will be helping with advice and giving suggestions as much as I can to help.

You can send email to “” with comments and feedback.
No response is promised… but we appreciate the commentary.. and will keep those interested filled in if you request to be in the loop with what happens next.

This was a tough announcement to write. Norcal Noisefest has been part of my life since 1995, and has been a major part of my life since 2005
when I started booking helping to restructure the event into what it has become. ..When we started NF in the 90’s there was no other thing like it...we had an idea.. a concept.. a dream...
And now there are similar type events all the time, in every major city, and in countries all over the world.. and so we gotta think that we were on the foundation of that..and it makes us feel good.
that this event has a real historical place in the story of noise and sound art in this country. That leaves me smiling and proud and filled with that
fluttery feeling of accomplishment.. so I thank you all for your past involvement.. and your patience regarding this information..

Lob -/\-

Creative Director, Norcal Noisefest

Bill Burg
executive director

Andrew Wayne
General Manager

Denise Chelini, Mike Bahr, Stephen Doyle, Charles Peckham
crew 2023


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