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our HISTORY.. or what IS NoiseFest ?
NF I - 1995
NF II - 1996

The first Norcal Experimental Music Festival event was held at the Guild Theatre in Sacramento,California on November 3rd, and 4th in 1995. Performers came from all over the western United States and Canada to create sound art and noise and be among peers that were doing the same thing.. and thus the NF "sound art" movement was started....

NF III - 1997

NF IV - 2000
2013 marks the 18 year anniversary of NOISEFEST happening in the Sacramento area, and will be our 17th actual event.
NF V - 2001
After searching the web and beyond ..we have yet to find ANY other Noise/Experimental festival happening anywhere else in the World that has continued for as long as NorCal NoiseFest has..
we thank you for your patronage.
NF VI - 2002
NF VII - 2003
NF VIII - 2004
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NorCal NoiseFest events:
NF IX -2005
NF X - 2006
NF XI- 2007
NF XII - 2008
NF XIII - 2009
NF XIV - 2010
NF XV - 2011
NF XVI - 2012
NF XVII - 2013
NF XVIII - 2014
NF XIX - 2015
NF XX - 2016
NF XXI - 2017
NF XXII - 2018