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80KV (los angeles)
80KV is a noise/industrial musician and performance artist with a fascination in the ever-blurrier boundaries between biology and technology. She uses a variety of custom-built physical interfaces to detect her motions and translate them into sound.
multi instrumental explorations of the patterns that become us.
ALPHASTARE (san francisco)
Alphastare fuses organic dystopia with industrial bliss
AMBIGERE (tacoma, WA)
Ambigere is the drill noise project of sound artist Robert Moos. Half surveillance drone and half science-fiction danger signal. Utilizing an array of menacing effects, he creates a monolithic din that doubles as the musical accompaniment to mankind's ruination
Todd Anderson-Kunert is a preoccupied with time and space, and has an interdisciplinary practice that includes installation, performance, and releases. Common to all these areas is a use of experimental sound, and an attention to spatiotemporal specificity.
He has performed and exhibited internationally, and is currently based in Castlemaine, Australia. For more information please visit:
A masochist’s dream-blend of arousing and vicious, Bateman hopes to increase the breadth of what you consider sexy. Having worked for the previous decade as a dominatrix, Bateman is now concerned with exploring each unique fetish with every performance. Recently, Bateman has begun recording and molding soundscapes to focus and intensify these performances which intend to overwhelm and overthrow.
BIG CITY ORCHESTRA (san francisco)
BCO has is a legendary avant-garde/art project originally from Los Angeles, California which embarked on in 1979. They have publicated about 230 hour-long releases and being an important chain in the cassette culture movement of the previous decades. They jumped out from the same nest as did other famous Californian cutting edge groups such as The Residents, and Negativeland, for instance. Their music has swerved in countless directions, veering from sound art and dada experiments and psycho-acoustic explorations to off-kilter electronica and sophisticated noise and acousmatic "folk" music.
DANIEL BLOMQUIST (san francisco)
deconstructing analog and digital wavelengths to find balance between disparate signals. Part of multiple collaborations with releases on Jack Tone Records, Glacial Movements, Edgetone Records, Dark Entries and Geographic North.
Harsh cut ups, power electronics and dark ambient. Disorienting and horrifying soundscapes for the age of Kali Yuga.
Chambers of the Sleeping is the experimental/ambient output of Jim Willig, also of Venetian Veil.
CHESTNUT (los angeles)
Chestnut is an experimental sound duo comprised of artists Christina Santa Cruz, and Daniel Watkins. Beginning as a Letterist response to the posturing of American "classic rock” Chestnut has matured towards a practice that incorporates elements of harsh noise, ambient music, and field recording. Their work carries implicit narrative without explicit intent.

"Sometimes, though, the world inverts, turns upside-down, and the unexplainable breaks through. Things don’t always make sense, and Chestnut’s shadow-strewn music is a part of that inversion.” (James Catchpole, A Closer Listen)

CHOPSTICK (sacramento)
Chopstick creates soundscapes, drone music, long ambient pieces, non-music, environment pieces. Utilizing binaural rhythm concepts a Chopstick performance is a meditative and sometimes scary experience that will not be duplicated. Each piece and performance is unique to the date. The composition usually scrapped after performances.
Plant-based//earth-loving lifeform//exploratory cosmonaut birthing shamanic-soundshapes//
est. 2007 in requiem for the loss of bee colonies planetwide
COMPACTOR is an interconnected set of mostly obsolete machinery that is manipulated by an anonymous everyman figure known as The Worker for a faceless corporation. The sounds of the machinery form soundtracks to the daily grind in the urban wasteland. Each Work Document has a different subject and corresponding sonic focus, and each live shift or installation is slightly adapted to the site requirements.
Documents have been licensed to Phage Tapes, Ohm Resistance, Low Noise Productions, Annihilvs Power Electronix, and several others since 2011.
Mark Wilson (also of 15 Degrees Below Zero) has been creating ambient noise and other varieties of sound art under the moniker Conure since May of 2000. He currently utilizes various microphones, effects pedals,
loops, field recordings, and mixer as his main set of tools to create sounds that range from minimal drones
to heavily layered walls of feedback and cacophony.
CRANK STURGEON (claremont)
Foaming at the gills with pockets full of thrift store novelties, homemade transducers, and costuming collaged from mailbox circulars, Crank Sturgeon utilizes such finery to marinate a commingling of noise and lower case art interruption. The result has been a multi-decade journal entry that reads something like a traveling circus flier: brimming with tales of dirigible mishaps, bathtub teleconferences, cassette recordings consisting of hiccuping contests, and skits showcasing repurposed office equipment that never seem to stay on script (or upright for that matter).
DAO (los angeles)
Dao is the spiritually thematic drone and dark ambient project from Ryan Beitler of Rare Form.
A curled leaf on an Art Nouveau poster. The incisor of a lioness glistens with fresh blood. Outside in the distance a lonely train whistle calls for its mate. Dendera Bloodbath is the catalyst. Be transformed.
(photo was taken by Angela Izzo)
DENTAL WORK (detroit, MI)
"Dental Work are an extreme underground noise collective started by Jay Watson in 2007. They’re presently a trio consisting of Watson, Justin Lee Smith and Sean Barry, and they describe themselves as a “sound and mind obliteration unit“, taking in elements of noise, psychedelic, breakcore, industrial, screwed & chopped and musique concrete." - The Wire Magazine
+DOG+ (sudbury, MA)
+DOG+ was formed in 1990 in osaka, moved to MA from 93-98, CA from 98-16 and back in MA since 16. +DOG+ is an experimental noise band. +DOG+ somehow is involved with love earth music as well. www.loveearthmusic.com
Dosenöffner is a Seattle-based duo with Peter Keller (Bacillus, Condo Horro, PTRKLLR, etc) and Casey Chittenden Jones (noisepoetnobody). Together they improvise with modular synthesizers and hardware electronics to create dark psychedelic proto-industrial soundscapes for the machine-jazz age. Dosenöffner passt wie die Faust aufs Auge.
DREKKA (bloomington, IN)
ego death [GR] (athens, GREECE)
Ego Death is a post industrial / experimental / noise machine
used to explore the borders of sound filtered under the obsessions
of Manos Michaelides since 2004.
EGO DEATH[USA] (sacramento)
(she/they) Forest electronics queen and goddess of nectar. Queer bubble noise from Los Angeles. Plants and animals. Tree hugging devil music from everybody's least favorite ghost. Sorry, no touching, feeding, or kissing this year. :( Tip her, always. #angrygirltime #sadgirltime
This will be her 7th appearance at NorCal Noisefest.
FABI (sacramento)
Fabi has arrived as a newcomer to the noise scene with a glitched out drum machine and various electronic devices, but not a stranger to the realm of music. Fabi is sprouting out of the soil and into the air to uproot what the definition of a sequence is. Always seeking out genres, any drop of musical water is welcome sustenance to the root system that is Fabi's.

FOOT SOS (san francisco/oakland)
FootSos...Sticky sweet
Is these three ladies or what
with some secret
returning to subterfuge
or something like a tribute band
of lost nostalgic selves.
Is it bad times for gluttons and
low-carb false consciousness?
Or the burnt burrito butt
of at least one former sugar baby
turned sugar cougar. Vegan nut cheesin'
in the Bay 100% natural flavoring.
Tartine dumpstering:
A collective fiction or queef
centric punning? Memorable ditties!
Definitely 85% human.
Or more like uhhhh 2sweet 2B 4 gotten"
- Angela Roberts

photo by Carrie Barclay

G.X.JUPITTER-LARSEN (los angeles)
Since 1979, GX Jupitter-Larsen has worked as a performance artist, sound
artist, writer, and filmmaker. GX has performed both as part of The
Haters, and as a member of Survival Research Laboratories. GX is
currently working on his third feather-legend movie which deals with the
"distance between research and knowledge."
GOD PUSSY (baixada fluminense, BRAZIL )
God Pussy operates noise intuitively from something rough and dry. Activism and sound attack, which are aligned in ultra-focused themes to warn about the evils of humanity, addressing animal extermination; social inequality; police violence; disregard for the culture of african and indigenous peoples; among others! The focus was never and never will be music! Noises as manifestation and awareness.
GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE (san francisco)
The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge spanning the Golden Gate, the one-mile-wide (1.6 km) strait connecting San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. The structure links the U.S. city of San Francisco, California—the northern tip of the San Francisco Peninsula—to Marin County, carrying both U.S. Route 101 and California State Route 1 across the strait. The bridge is one of the most internationally recognized symbols of San Francisco and California. It was initially designed by engineer Joseph Strauss in 1917. It has been declared one of the Wonders of the Modern World by the American Society of Civil Engineers
HANS VON BARTLES (santa rosa)
Hans Von Bartles began in the summer of 2012 in Santa Rosa, CA. Hans has generated upwards of seven independent releases to date in association with Arcane Visions Collective, with more in the works. Hans can be best described as “cascading noise terror”, similar to North Bay contemporaries RAEPUSBARABUS and MAGGOT THERAPY. Having seldom left the confines of Sonoma County, having little-to-no online presence, interested listeners may aquire Hans' work on cassette via Arcane Visions' webstore.


JOHN FRANK (klowd) & DON HAUGEN (corvalis/eugene, OR)

klowd is a drone project of John Frank started in Sacramento Ca 25 years ago with a focus on contact mic'd sound sources and homemade instrumentation made of re-purposed objects. Klowd is now based in Corvallis Oregon

Don Haugen is a composer, sonic experimenter, and visual designer based in Eugene, Oregon, USA.
Since the late 1980’s; Haugen started exploring sound with tapes, oscillators, mixer feedback, contact mics
and found objects. His current work merges home built electronics and re-purposed test instruments to
create sonic texture-scapes.
He has composed for performance artists, sound installations, film and ensembles. Haugen is curator and
founder of the Eugene Noise Festival, which started in 2005 and continues today.

Hexpressionist is a non-binary minimalist harsh noise artist from Corona, CA. Through their work they attempt to emotionally express themselves maximally while using a minimal amount of tools. As
a performer Hexpressionist favors volume, surprise, tension, and action over musical/compositional detail.
HUMANFLUIDROT (pompano beach,FL)
Jennifer wrestled her friend playfully to the ground in front of the snowcone stand and began licking the girls eyebrows as if they were sugar cubes. Human fluid rot is a burst of sound wave manipulation caused by inner emotion and feeling from creator, Robert Wilson Brantley III. Described by many as harsh noise or experimental soundscape, Robert just puts it as inner-most-feelings and expressions through sound. Using various pieces of hardware, Human Fluid Rot creates audibly colorful moods at intense volumes in what to him seems like a long period of time but in a matter of 3-7 minutes leaves he and his crowds mentally and audibly exhausted.
Igloo Martian performed their first ever live noise set at the 2007 MPLS Bent Festival. Before starting their current sound project, Igloo was a member of the MadWiz Punk Band Master Killer and the LaCrosse WI based grindcore band Invid. Igloo currently resides in Tucson AZ.
INFINEXHUMA (san francisco) Forever traveling space, earth, stillness, rumble, fog, sun. Sound beams guiding the hidden ethea, alchemical labor healing  
INSTAGON (sacramento)
(...a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...)
INSTAGON was founded in chaos theory during 1993, and has for 24 years now continued on with sonic exploration with that chaos. Never the same experience for the band as well as the audience, always changing, never stable, but all under the conceptual direction of LOB, it's founder... .
Instagon has appeared at ALL previous Norcal Noisefest happenings
JOLTHROWER (wet planet)
i dont drink Pepsi....or Fanta!!
JUICE MACHINE is the live action electronic + tape improvisational wife and husband duo of Heather Chessman + Roger Smith. Working in and around the confined genres of noise, glitch, found sound + drone - focusing on minimal tonal + maximal textural audio
- Rhythmic pulses with sharp jabs of uneasy waves and slurred motivational speeches

Peter|||KOMPRIPIOTR|||Holzknecht, (born 1973 in Bolzano, Italy) aims at composing and deconstructing on multiple levels. Most of his radical expression forms are actions/installations with the focus on noise and perception.Never knowing what is expecting us... For shure a strong impact nest in his works. He is an explorer and igniter — an organiser of chaos.
He is active since the early 1990th and has since then covered the whole spectrum between sound art, actionism and noise. Considered one of the most active artist/perfomer of his area and has also made a name for itself internationally.

frm Sudden Infant
Born in 1965 in Basel Switzerland from a Swiss father and a French mother. Based in Berlin Germany.
Joke Lanz is one of the most prolific and profound artists working in the border zones where performance and body art meet noise and improvisation.
In his Sudden Infant guise, Lanz creates a unique blend of physical sound poetry and epileptic noise bursts, using contact microphones, loops, tapes, turntables etc.
He worked as garbageman, factory worker, sales assistant, caretaker, housekeeper, carpet dealer, chicken farmer, record shop owner, night watch, sauna assistant, roadie, secretary, cleaner, nude model, part-time single father...
Major themes of his intense musical universe are childhood experiences, physical eruptions, psycho mechanisms, auto-aggression and social problems.
LINOLEUM DICKS (san francisco)
Linoleum Dicks is an improvisational collective, centered around Steven Barnes (ex Oort Cloud, Qumran Orphics) and noise artist Microwave Windows. Featuring a rotating cast of experimental musicians from around the Bay Area.
MAJOR TINNITUS (sacramento)
Major Tinnitus is the noise project of Stephen Doyle. Amongst his weaponry are circuit bent toys, killer thrift store finds and homemade effects boxes. He has played at Sacramento Audio Waffle and will be performing at his first Norcal Noisefest this year. He looks forward to permanently damaging your hearing soon.
Medicine Cabinet is an ongoing electronic music project from Tracy, CA resident Marc Schneider. The project started in the mid 90's with nothing more than the now famous Roland 303 Groovebox and a heavy delayed microphone. Marc has been active in the Northern and Southern California noise scenes since 2006. True to Marc’s fascination with the history of the genre, Medicine Cabinet shows are typically noise or noise drone based improvisations using analog synths and circuit bent devices.
Somewhere between radio theater & audio collage lies Mini-Mutations, offering their take on the media messages and culture documents that are regularly vying for our collective attentions. Using zines, videos, music and radio, Mini-Mutations is the live performance wing of Austin Rich's creative work. For more information, try: wtbc.bandcamp.com.
MINUS MINUS (st.petersburg,FL)
minusminus is experimental dark music and sound art that explores emotions,
often difficult, through dense forces and textures.
MISER (los angeles)
MISER is a portal-opening, improvised ritual doom electronics duo of John Hudnall and Drew Girard. Total zone, total resonance.

MOURNING DOVE (washington DC)
sound art compositions of organic field recordings, experimental voice, and minimal instrumentation- a noise and freak folk ensemble that tends toward the otherworldly. elena botts has collaborated on, released and exhibited visual, sound and moving image art, as well as had six poetry books published. more information here: sites.google.com/view/elenabotts
nickname:REBEL (san francisco)
nickname: Rebel is a San Francisco-based sound system that makes joyful noise and riot anthems. We are Michael Keegan (Playdium) and Marc Arsenault (gritboy) with occasional guests. We employ a range of homemade, modified and traditional instruments to create our sound. Founded 2001, Albany, New York.

Nina Spheres utilizes drone, repetition, and densely layered orchestration to produce an experience in the listener akin to that of degraded, hallucinatory cinema. Painstakingly recorded and carefully manipulated, their first full-length album presented an oversaturated kingdom of vast sonic luminosity. The group has since evolved from a solo recording project to a trio of experimentalists, their recent work exploring the center point between hyperreality/nostalgia, ecstasy/crisis, and acoustic/electronic frameworks. They have had a limited number of live performances since converging in late 2019—but each has been different from the last, equally visceral and demanding of attention.
(saitama, JAPAN)
Hidenori Noguchi is a multi-instrumentalist player, composer, director and has been in multiple bands including MUSQIS, Tokyo Sapiens, Windowz, Mooons, Xu/Xu, OOOSounds, Home Is A Fire. Hidenori Noguchi integrates multiple influences and genres into a blend of jazz, classical, improvisation, prog rock, math rock, free jazz and more!
NOYZ STALLYNS (sacramento/salem,OR)
Two noisy dues searching for the most bodacious feedback and harsh noise walls thru total excellent adventures. Follow us as we boldly go where no dudes have gone before.. and to spread their message of good will.. Be Loud, Party On, and be Excellent!
Ohmnoise is a Berlin artist. His main focus on these days is the research and manipulating, in a positive way, of the human and universal soul. His experiments and knowledge are integrating into a ritual-performance based on ancient intuition and modern technologies. He calls his performances and videos SOFTWAR, to create an aesthetic acceptable contention in reference to our inner world and the actual daily horror news. He works since 1981 in the fields of wired music, added video and fine arts later on and is a curator for hundreds of events in the Berlin alternative art-scene.
Born & raised East coast city scum that was ducking & dodging terrible situations (like 10m away from being aborted) to what always seemed the extreme bad parts of life. Good was rare and when did happen vanished in a instant. Only constant good was sounds!! From sirens outside, songs , bottles breaking, people yelling and later on seeing live shows than playing. Lucky my grandpa showed me a Reel to Reel recorder when i was 3 and out of that field recordings to messing w/ reels making squealing sounds. By time was 8-10 made collage tapes and started on the experimental path w/out realizing it. Had a lot of projects and styles but ODTK was always kicking around since 2000. Fast forward last couple yrs sadly life went back to rough and barely even got to play shows. Last time played in Sac was July of 2019's SAW. After that was planning for 2020 a tour and of course a come back to Norcal after missing a couple than COVID HITS, Nevermind starting in Seattle where been. Lucky dodging that. Also lucky for Lob, Bill Berg, Andrew Chopstick, and the others who are bringing Norcal online in this shitty time!! Def glad to be apart of it
James "Trash" Katatonic

Paranoiac Critical Method is the solo project of the City Councilman from the Bren’t Lewiis Ensemble. Through the use of modular synths, modified instruments, pedals, apps, acoustic sounds and video elements the goal of Paranoiac Critical Method is to create an irrational delirium for the listener/viewer.
PHOG MASHEEEN (costa mesa)
Phog masheeen has been amusing and tormenting the noise community since the 2007 Electro-Music Festival in Philadelphia. In performance and on recordings phog masheeen are wildly inconsistent and willing to try things that suggest a lack of respect for stylistic conventions. Recent adventures include participating in indy-film festivals, integrating spoken word elements and promoting virtual events.
protofrustration is a one man noise project started by zack wheaton in october of 2017. he has released seven albums to date and is continuing to coast by on his rugged good looks and devil-may-care attitude.

Norwich-based sound artist and noise musician, active since 2006. As an artist he also incorporates elements of sculpture, collage, lo-fi/modified electronics, and video in his work. Michael is currently working on an impossibly short playable tape loop series and field recording album of vibrating metal and concrete bridges. Other creative endeavours include Quagga Curious Sounds: a DIY record label putting out all manner of stuff since 2008.
SBTDOH (milwaukie, OR)
Claustrophobic, sonically assaulting, sample drenched, pointed attacks. Lock. Load. Repeat.
*Syntopical Gnarus Harsh Noise Filth*
Consistent themes reverberate throughout each release. Geminated in a manner to affrontedly jaundice & congruously manipulate noise frequencies, employing clear compositional intent. Blistering walls have become a genre staple. These are however not however misguided, click-and-play adventures. Flip the tables upside down in and out fast harsh noise. Not, cut-up, just fast.
SkruntSkrunt presents a mad scientist approach to noise. SkruntSkrunt offers a unique and varied combination of audio and visuals. From harsh noises to ambient, SkruntSkrunt explores the soundscape of the modern desktop, the auditory aspects of bodies and gravity, and the interaction of physical simulation and granular synthesis. SkruntSkrunt is a long-running project of Edmonton, Canada-based Abram Hindle who leverages a wide range of custom software and stolen software ranging from office applications, physics sims, video-games and custom-built user interfaces, in order to produce jarring synthesis. SkruntSkrunt has been a regular act at the former Victoria Noise Festival
SOFT CULTURE (sacramento)
Soft Culture is an experimental electronic project Based out of Sacramento, Ca fronted by multi instrumentalist/ composer Joshua Long.
THE STOLEN ELK (sacramento)
Stolen Elk is Matt Kretzmann of Sacramento, lover and creator of sounds....
MK has played solo at the Norcal Noisefest several times, and with the long running psychedelic band, Delayed Sleep
STOLEN LIGHT (san jose)
Brett Lunceford has performed harsh noise under the name Stolen Light for 22 years. He is also the individual behind the Zaftig Research label, best known for their holiday compilations. As a general rule, Stolen Light relies on ordinary sound sources which are then distorted and destroyed. He has previously performed at Norcal Noisefest in 2001 and 2018.
STREET RAT (philadelphia, PA)
Street Rat is not a person but a visceral, intellectual, and spiritual exploration of the mysteries of life. Attempting to bring heavy concepts to your reality, it is the eye on the ground that sees and translates all intersecting issues as they merge, explode, dissolve, and implode. It is a way to comprehend, a way to cope, a way to feel, and a way to take action. Through raw avant-garbage performance art Gladys Harlow, the Venezuelan non-binary vessel, aims to breakdown societal barriers, abolish oppressive systems, empower communities, and uplift the marginalized. Disrupt the status quo. Rebuild our path.

Photo Credit: Mariana Mendoza

TANUKISPIDERCAT (san francisco)
TanukiSpiderCat (SF) is an improvisational blend of electronic cello,
synth, and samples. Looping, layered, and staggering ever forwards,
haunting melodies emerge. It’s a fragmented, unlikely animal, dealing
in dissonance and slivered voices.
Those Darn Gnomes is a San Diego-based collaborative improvisatory art collective formed by Christian Molenaar and Russell Case. Their sound draws on influences ranging from harsh noise and extreme metal to free jazz and contemporary chamber music. They have released three full-lengths albums as well as numerous splits and EPs and have toured extensively across the US.
TIGER LILY (chico)
Tiger Lily is the multimedia project of Anthony Meza. Utilizing machines, this project strives to make you feel, differently.
UBERKUNST (sacramento)
UBERKUNST was first created in 1995 when the NIAD (Noise Instrument Analog Device) was first used to interface humans with machines, allowing each to comprehend the suffering of the other. UBERKUNST engaged in multiple dangerous and outrageous battles with hideous transdimensional beings and the enemies of structure and order, often misconstrued as "noise performances," until 2007 when their efforts to scare the Elder Gods to the other side of the cosmos left them so depleted that they had to be stored in cryogenic healing chambers. They can only be released from their chambers for 10-15 minutes a year, both to ensure their future survival when needed to carry out NIAD's will, but also to protect audiences from the deadly toxic radiation that the band emits after prolonged exposure to the horrors of the cosmos.
Uberkunst has appeared at ALL previous Norcal Noisefests
univac (costa mesa)
Consummate TechDweeb, visual artist and NovaTone “musician” univac continuously re-purposes the detritus of trickle-down technology, toys and off-the-shelf electronics in order to create circuit bent audioVisual hybrids—causing the engineers of the original items to shudder in disbelief. He has been making experimental electronic noise and visuals since the late 1980’s.

USTAM (sacramento)
Ustam utilizes shrieking vocals with droning instrumentation to set the tone for her unsettling performances.
Ustam is Kylie Jackson; the female counterpart in the duo DOEL who have performed at NF in 2014-15.
VANKMEN (oakland)
VANKMEN is a duo of twin brothers, Victor Vankmen and GodDamn Samcore, who preform their style of hardcore/speedcore live with electronics. However in some rare occasions, usually only for the norcal noisefest crew, Victor Vankmen performs solo under the VANKMEN moniker, thrashing out powernoise blastbeat.

Based out of Palmetto, FL, Vasectomy Party was formed out of pure boredom and isolation in early 2012 by Hal Harmon. The project was initially formed for private sound experimentation, but through the countless inspiration and encouragement of others, has had a steady stream of releases and live performances over the years. The project is grounded in the harsh noise idiom, but with forays into wall-noise, drone, tape manipulation, and electro-acoustic noise.

XOME (woodland)
Xome is a harsh noise music project conceived and operated by Bob Scott. Xome first started experimenting with dissonant forms of music in 1989 but the first organized live performance in Tokyo in 1994 marks the true activation of the project. Now based in Woodland, CA, Xome has evolved into a highly refined and extremely harsh noise music unit by means of improvised manipulation of sound generating and processing equipment.




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