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ACTUARY (los angeles)
Since forming in the latter half of the past decade, California-based extreme noise outfit Actuary use guitars, drums, bass, analog synths, digital evils, and home made and rewired power electronics to make sound, noise, and music.......but mostly noise. They have steadily cranked out a stream of split releases that saw them sharing wax (or other petroleum-based substances) with everyone from Merzbow, Bastard Noise and Gnaw Their Tongues side-project Aderlating to cult underground noise spewers like Winters in Osaka, Bacteria Cult, Juhyo and Fetus Eaters. Keeping up with their prolific output has been a daunting task, but also a rewarding one, as Actuary’s epic-length blasts of abstract electronic chaos, extreme psychedelic circuit-fuckery and monstrous synth abuse consistently deliver serious sonic skull-melt. Ugly, beautiful, and bleak. Theres no hope.
ALCHEMICAL BURN (albuquerque, NM)
Kenneth A. Cornell has been doing live noise performance since 1996 with Alchemical Burn. Kenneth resides in Albuquerque New Mexico but was born in Santa Rosa California, and is a member of the Hopland Band of Pomo Indians. Over the years he has played at The Museum Of Contemporary Native Arts, The Coconino Center for the Arts, Denver Noise Fest, The Carlsbad Museum, High Mayhem Emerging Arts Festival, etc., as well as countless independent and club performances. Ab has shared billings with many amazing noise and sound artists including: Z'ev, Prurient, Wolf Eyes, The Legendary Pink Dots, Sixes, Lightning Bolt, Bastard Noise etc. Kenneth has collaborated with various artists such as Raven Chacon (Post Commodity, Endlings), Peter Conheim (Negativland), Scott Nobody (Psychic TV), and Jeff Gburek (Djalma Primordial Science). He is a member of the New Music collective Death Convention Singers. His duo, Enemy Tone, had an installation featured in the 2016 Biennale International Folk Art Festival in Ireland, which was hosted by the international political arts organization The NSK, which he is a member of as well. For over ten years he was the executive producer for the New Mexico based electronic and experimental music festival Oscillation.

AMIGO (flint, MI)
Amigo's live sound wavers equally between elegant soundscapes and bombastic harsh noise. He can barely play the guitar.
SCOTT ARFORD (oakland)
SCOTT ARFORD works with sound, video and space. He has been active in the Bay Area's underground music and art scene since 1995. His work spans styles and mediums and includes live a/v performance, installations, and recorded works.
Arford has shown work globally including the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Sounding Festivals in Guangzhou, China and Taipei, Taiwan, Liquid Architecture in Melbourne, Australia, Sonic Light in Amsterdam, and the Center for Contemporary Arts in Kitakyushu, Japan.
His awards include an Honorable Mention in the 2005 Prix Ars Electronica. Arford received a Bachelor of Architecture from the College of Architecture and Design at Kansas State University in 1991.
Artificial Telepathy is the solo music and noise project by Mark Loveland. With roots in industrial, darkwave, experimental and noise, Originally from San Diego, Sacramento is his new home. Mark was previously involved in Kittycat Lollipop and Inchfist as well as many smaller sideprojects.Artificial Telepathy is happy to entertain you.
BIG CITY ORCHESTRA (san francisco)
BCO has is a legendary avant-garde/art project originally from Los Angeles, California which embarked on in 1979. They have publicated about 230 hour-long releases and being an important chain in the cassette culture movement of the previous decades. They jumped out from the same nest as did other famous Californian cutting edge groups such as The Residents, and Negativeland, for instance. Their music has swerved in countless directions, veering from sound art and dada experiments and psycho-acoustic explorations to off-kilter electronica and sophisticated noise and acousmatic "folk" music.
Harsh cut ups, power electronics and dark ambient. Disorienting and horrifying soundscapes for the age of Kali Yuga.

JEFF BOYNTON (los angeles)
Jeff’s musical life began as a cellist. His first composition, “Andante for String Orchestra”, was performed at the Illinois State Orchestra Contest in 1974.  At Northern Illinois University, he studied Theory and Composition and Electronic Music. In 1978 Jeff joined songwriter Wazmo Nariz as keyboardist. The group recorded two albums, and opened for The Police, XTC, and Devo. His music career continued as he composed the music for “Super Illusion” with Moscow’s Bolshoi Circus which toured 11 cities in Japan 1993. Mr. Boynton then composed music for magician Franz Harary’s segment in “The World’s Greatest Magic” (NBC, 1994). Jeff returned to electronic music composition with several new compositions. “Burning Bird” premiered at the Burning Man festival in 2003, featuring choreography and sign language by Mona Jean Cedar. He then discovered the strange art of “circuit bending”, opening up electronic, battery-powered keyboards and kids’ electronic toys, and finding short-circuits that cause these devices to create new, unworldly sounds. Jeff is currently a member of the musical group TriAngular Bent with Philip Mantione and former Frank Zappa keyboardist Don Preston.

Formed in 1982 as an "industrial performance noise aggregate," The Bren’t Lewiis Ensemble uses electronics, effects, guitars, objects, field recordings, toys, loops, appropriated sound, and readings (both live and prerecorded) to create their freeform spasticity.

BURNT DOT (los angeles)
Burnt Dot is an LA-based noise and experimental jazz ensemble founded by Sarah Belle Reid (trumpet) and Ryan Gaston (modular synthesizer).
Reid and Gaston started Burnt Dot to explore open forms of spontaneous creation. The group is a fluid ensemble of sound and visual artists who are committed to creating work that is as quirky, fiery, and thought-provoking as the world that inspires it.
CELLISTA (san jose)
Cellista is an acclaimed American cellist and the artistic director of the performing arts company Juxtapositions.
She is known for collaborating with artists across various media and genres including: visual artist Barron Storey, Pam the Funkstress, Boots Riley, The Dear Hunter, and Tanya Donelly.
Noted for producing and playing live performances in unconventional spaces that incorporate elements of classical music, theater, improvisation and visual art across a range of genres including pop, hip-hop, classical and more, her performances often feature a carbon fiber cello and loop station.
She is currently working on a forthcoming multimedia worked entitled Transfigurations. The work includes dance, literature, original classical compositions, and noise and sound textures. Transfigurations' accompanying album and book by the same name will be released in September of 2019.
Chelsea Bridge: an unusual yet intuiting collage of sounds, drifting between the sweetness of a dream and the harshness of reality. Violin + guitar + vocals + field recordings + cassettes, all sounds cultivated by multi-instrumentalist Mallory Linehan. (Chicago, IL)
CHOPSTICK (sacramento)
Chopstick has officially been playing half of the Noise Fest events. Performing sometimes with home made pedals and sometimes with modified store bought pedals he has a unique approach to creating sound. He likes coffee and ramen. As a child he had an imaginary friend that was a robotic cat that was sent back in time from the future to help him become the man he is today.
Sam Clark-Mchale performs, composes and arranges sound in various contexts. He has recently worked on multimedia concert pieces and museum installations in collaboration with The Living Earth Show, the Brooklyn Art Song Society, and writer/artist Madeline Gobbo. As a noise artist and musician he primarily uses electric guitar and found objects processed via Max/Msp to create compelling, visceral sonic experiences.
COLLAPSIST (sacramento)
COLLAPSIST is a new Sacramento-based noise project performing for the first time at Norcal Noisefest and hot off the griddle from an Audio Waffle appearance.
CRANK STURGEON (claremont)
Foaming at the gills with pockets full of thrift store novelties, homemade transducers, and costuming collaged from mailbox weeklies usually reserved for the cat box, Crank Sturgeon utilizes such finery to marinate a commingling of noise and lower case art interruption.
DEAD PATHS (portland, OR)
DEAD PATHS is a Portland, OR based project spanning the genres of dark ambient, industrial, power electronics, tape collage and drone. Scorched soundscapes, textural static, hypnotic patterns and blissful loops weave a dense soundtrack for guiding fractured thoughts to a place of tranquility.
DELETIST (san francisco)
Deletist has 2 default settings: minimal dark ambient melancholia and scuzzy electronic rage. Worships sound on a daily basis inside BleakHausTruk, an off-grid 14' box truck converted into an art & recording studio, complete with a piano and solid state PA, a sweet rescue dog named Sadie, a former filing cabinet turned word burning stove & a bathtub made from tiling the inside of a bass drum flight case.
No future plans.
Embracing hopelessness and living for thousands of miles by focusing on the distance from my hand to my face.
Dendera Bloodbath began as a creative conducting rod for Atlanta musician Virginia Bliss. As she wrote rock songs for Verge of Bliss, material accumulated which did not fit into the band’s style and thus became a completely separate project. Gleaning heavy influences from the Victorian era playwright and poet Oscar Wilde she constructed a concept album around his one act Salome to be performed on autoharp. Shortly after this she began experimenting with synthesizers and sequenced beats to supplement acoustic instruments. Her 2011 album [wr wr wr], inspired by political upheaval in Egypt, featured synthetic beats and noises supplemented by augmented harp and drehleier sounds. Currently she performs both experimental darkwave sets with autoharp and noise sets with electronics of her own design.
THOMAS DIMUZIO (san francisco)
Thomas Dimuzio is a musician, composer, improviser, multi-instrumentalist, sound designer, mastering engineer, label proprietor, and music technologist residing in San Francisco, California. Among his collaborators are Chris Cutler, Dan Burke, Joseph Hammer, Anla Courtis, Nick Didkovsky, Due Process, Voice of Eye, Fred Frith, David Lee Myers, 5uu's, Matmos, Wobbly and Negativland.
Eddie Honeyeater is a guitarist from Sacramento who does not care to talk about himself. He primarily uses an electric guitar and an amplifier to make sounds. Sometimes he will use other devices. Eddie performs alone because he usually has no other option. He is interested in the notion that traditional Western harmonic structure should possibly be destroyed, so that new foundations of musical structure may be explored without bias. Also, he believes music is only for your ears, on account of the fact that you can't hear music with your eyes. Some people seem to think one's appearance affects the quality of one's music. Eddie disagrees with this wholeheartedly. Eddie Honeyeater does not come from a typical legendary underground music scene. Given these circumstances, it is a mystery as to why he continues to create music.
EDEN MONONYM (medford, OR)
eden mononym, maker of electronic music thingies and coding of such - will be presenting a demonstration of new
musical instrument prototypes for a range of experiments into unheard sound.
Plants and animals. Tree hugging devil music from everyone’s least favorite ghost. Free hugs forever. Touching for sure and perhaps even a kiss or two. Get in there super close please. #angrygirltime #sadgirltime
Queer noise from the valley. Thank you for your time, I love you.
This will be her 5th appearance at NorCal Noisefest.
RUSH FALKNOR (chicago, IL)
Born in 1994, Rush Falknor began working with heavy electronics & experimental sound design in 2012. Since then he has recorded & performed behind many noms de guerre and been involved with an extensive amount of collaborative work, touching all across the map of genres ranging from harsh noise collectives to freejazz ensembles. After presentations at gatherings such as the International Noise Conference, St. Pete Noise Fest, & Art In Odd Places: NOISE, to name a few; this will be his unreplicable NorCal Noisefest debut. A poison-soaked kiss on the lips of The Mousai - an aleatoric electro-headtrip, concrète calamity, synthesized audible ecstasy. A veil is lifted. The air will reek with divinity.
FILTHMILK (san francisco/atlanta,GA)
FiLTHMiLK makes anthems for revolutionaries
symphonic electronic dirges for blasphemers
lullabies for kids born into a black hole

GUSSETTE (martinez)
Gussette is the solo industrial power electronics act that serves as the core of several multimedia projects by the Bay Area artist Travis Castro. What started as a prank entry into a battle-of-the-bands contest became a very serious, aggressive, and personal performance that has toured the San Francisco Bay Area for the past 6 years. Gussette consists of circuit bent electronics, modified synthesizers, and a vocal rig that reflects the Futurist writings and observations of Luigi Russolo. This will be Gussette’s 3rd appearance at Norcal Noisefest.

HANS VON BARTLES (santa rosa)
Hans Von Bartles began in the summer of 2012 in Santa Rosa, CA. Hans has generated upwards of seven independent releases to date in association with Arcane Visions Collective, with more in the works. Hans can be best described as “cascading noise terror”, similar to North Bay contemporaries RAEPUSBARABUS and MAGGOT THERAPY. Having seldom left the confines of Sonoma County, having little-to-no online presence, interested listeners may aquire Hans' work on cassette via Arcane Visions' webstore.
This will be Hans Von Bartles' 4th NF appearance
HOLIDAY SPECIAL (sacramento)
What is a Holiday Special?
Awkward. Ham-fisted. Ill-advised. Lacks flow and comprehension from the median narrative. Yet all of these negative qualities somehow make a Holiday Special a more captivating and amusing recess from your regular broadcasting content.
Holiday Special is rooted in musique concrete, absurdity, and two idle film degrees.
HUMANFLUIDROT (pompano beach,FL)
Human fluid rot is a burst of sound wave manipulation caused by inner emotion and feeling from creator, Robert Wilson Brantley III. Described by many as harsh noise or experimental soundscape, Robert just puts it as inner-most-feelings and expressions through sound. Using various pieces of hardware, Human Fluid Rot creates audibly colorful moods at intense volumes in what to him seems like a long period of time but in a matter of 3-7 minutes leaves he and his crowds mentally and audibly exhausted.
INSTAGON (sacramento)
(...a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...)
INSTAGON was founded in chaos theory during 1993, and has for 24 years now continued on with sonic exploration with that chaos. Never the same experience for the band as well as the audience, always changing, never stable, but all under the conceptual direction of LOB, it's founder... .
Instagon has appeared at ALL previous Norcal Noisefest happenings
J3M5 (calabasas)
[Circuit Bent/Hardware Set]
A multi disciplinary artist whose set up combines circuit bent and modified devices with outboard effects. Stylistically drifting between noise, glitch and dubtronica in a structure-less exploration of texture and rhythm. This amalgamation emphasizes analogue low-end atmospheres, abrasive mangled circuit mid-ranges and dark synth tone accompaniment. The mix approach takes an "Octopus" style of effects and midi signal processing that adds play to the shifting structure. He has released splits and with artists such as Igor Amokian, s*i*n and GataTECH. His recordings can be found on labels Forever Escaping Boredom (Florida) and Ehsan Recordings (Singapore).
JOLTHROWER (wet planet)
Jolthrower is the unoffical sound of the worlds most powerful cola. Now available once again across the nation at Dollar General stores everywhere...denouce your weak cola's and reach for the real thing.. the power of JOLT.. This is NOT Jolthrower's first Noisefest.
JUICE MACHINE is the live action electronic + tape improvisational wife and husband duo of Heather Chessman + Roger Smith
- Working in and around the confined genres of noise, glitch, found sound + drone - focusing on minimal tonal + maximal textural audio
- Rhythmic pulses with sharp jabs of uneasy waves and slurred motivational speeches
Andrew Kaluzynski is a composer, improviser and multimedia artist living in Oakland, CA. Andrew's music endeavors to explore relationships between gesture and feedback, and the effects of aleatoric input on improvisations and compositions. Andrew often employs use of obsolete and idiosyncratic technology, as a means of restraint, inspiration, and focus in order to cultivate live, spontaneous yet focused, electronic music. Sonically, Andrew draws from a wide variety of sources, everything from digital synthesis, traditional musical instruments, field recordings, and found sound. When playing live, Andrew incorporates input from the environment in order to shape the sonic and compositional outcomes of the performance.
klowd (covalis, OR)
klowd is a drone project of John Frank started in Sacramento Ca 25 years ago with a focus on contact mic'd sound sources and homemade instrumentation made of re-purposed objects. Klowd is now based in Corvallis Oregon
LIVER CANCER (rocklin/roseville)
Liver Cancer is always a NF favorite !

MASTER MORYA (sacramento)
In the Ascended Master Teachings Morya is considered one of the "Ascended Masters," also known as the "Chohan of the First Ray". H. P. Blavatsky originated the belief, professing that Morya and Master Koot Hoomi were her guides in establishing the Theosophical Society. Blavatsky also wrote that Masters Morya and Koot Hoomi belonged to a group of highly developed humans known as the Great White Brotherhood. Master Morya is working on an album and plays shows in the Northern California area.
Medicine Cabinet is an ongoing electronic music project from Tracy, CA resident Marc Schneider. The project started in the mid 90's with nothing more than the now famous Roland 303 Groovebox and a heavy delayed microphone. Marc has been active in the Northern and Southern California noise scenes since 2006. True to Marc’s fascination with the history of the genre, Medicine Cabinet shows are typically noise or noise drone based improvisations using analog synths and circuit bent devices.
MINCING (oakland)
making noises in an attempt to fill the void;
rhythmic, discordant, harsh, or soft

Leaning on collage and mash-ups, Austin reproduces on stage a version of his radio broadcasts (as heard on, offering bite-sized productions about guns, social media, mental health, all through a sci-fi lens. Occasionally joined by guests and pick-up players, the core of the performance is sample & reverb heavy explorations of sonic audio essays.
Nicotine Mantis is a hyperbolic representation of the depression of Jacob Sykes.
In April of 2008 Noisepsalm was created by Matthew Lewis as an outlet for mixing sound art and electronics with melody and traditional instruments for the sole purpose of musical experimentation. He has now had the pleasure of working with over 30 like-minded artists around the globe, often bringing in new musicians/sound artists for unique live performances.
PAROUSIA (south sacramento)
Arrian Delabahan (Parousia) was born and raised in San Francisco. He moved to Sacramento in 1989 when he was a senior in high school. He has been playing classical guitar, metal (death metal, and thrash), since 1987. The first exposure to noise came about as a result of listening to Neurosis, and their side project, Tribes of Neurot in the 90's. Dissonant sound was something that cuaght his ear's attention way back when he first heard VoiVod's releases: Killing Technology, Dimension Hatrus, and Nothingface in the late 80's and early 90's. Godflesh is a big influence also, along with Brighter Death Now.
Arrian (Parousia) went to college for fine arts, and does oil painting, drawing, and tattooing. Aside from creating just noise, Arrian would like to create noise that will accompany paintings and drawings he creates. He uses his guitar set up in conjuction with his noise set up together. His goal is to create sounds that intertwine with each other. The same intertwining of sounds one would hear when listening to a Bach fugue.

PHOG MASHEEEN (costa mesa)
Phog masheeen is a sound art/video collective from Costa Mesa, California that focuses on using aerophones and electronics for performance. Audio portions are accompanied by live mixed video by William Almas.

protofrustration is a one man noise project started by zack wheaton in october of 2017. he has released seven albums to date and is continuing to coast by on his rugged good looks and devil-may-care attitude.

REAPER (san bernadino)
REAPER is the solo harshnoise/powerelectronics project of Alec Richmond from San Bernardino ca. Every action has consequences and every outcome has a means to an end.
The music of Sacramento based Mexican/American Noise Group Sidewalk Brujeria, is a blend of dynamic synth work and deep, dark, & punkish recordings. Their style is best described as a rough divine feminine found in melodic structure paired with a restless expression of taunting distorted sounds.
SKUNK PUPPET (long beach)
Eric Strauss is an artist, musician, and instrument builder. His current work entitled SHOVELHEAD explores his interest in the visceral and atavistic qualities of exhaust systems. Past projects can be listened to at: and viewed at the Offensive Musical Instruments web site:
THE STOLEN ELK (sacramento)
Stolen Elk is Matt Kretzmann of Sacramento, lover and creator of sounds....
MK has played solo at the Norcal Noisefest several times, and with the long running psychedelic band, Delayed Sleep

STOLEN LIGHT (san jose)
Stolen Light is the work of Brett Lunceford, who is also the driving force behind the Zaftig Research label (best known for their series of Christmas compilations). What started as an accidental sound experiment became an obsession that has been ongoing for over 20 years. Stolen Light relies on ordinary sound sources which are then distorted and destroyed, and when performing live, Stolen Light uses only a mixer to process sound; there are no pedals, laptops, or samplers. However, there are fans, compressed air, paper shredders, toys, and a host of other things that are used to create noise in real time. What you see is what you hear. Stolen Light first performed at NoiseFest V in 2001, and he is very happy to be back.
THE FATHERS (san francisco)
Duo of Tusco Terror's Nathan Bowers (aka Coagulator) and Derek Gedalecia (best known as Head boggle). The project is named in tribute to Father Ted.
They employ classical acoustic guitar, synthesizers, and other noise techniques to their music
Thirteen Hurts is an experimental noise project that utilizes modified guitar pedals, handmade sound source devices and synthesizers to create an ever-evolving harsh noise soundscape. The earliest experimental recordings occurred in 1977, with sporadic experimental output burbling beneath the surface of efforts to create "normal" music. Years of performing and recording within the Rock and Progressive genres, it was not until 1999 and the formation of subcutaneous studios that the first full recording of experimental music took place, with exclusive usage of a Serge Modular. The following years led to soundtrack work for two independent films but was soon followed by years of dormancy which eventually led to the development of the Thirteen Hurts/13Hz concept and new recordings with live performances. Heavily influenced by decades of intense music and sounds, the live shows focus on a wide-ranging performance giving the audience an extensive sampling of what the sound of Thirteen Hurts represents. This will be the 6th appearance of Thirteen Hurts at the Norcal Noisefest.
UBERKUNST (sacramento)
UBERKUNST was first created in 1995 when the NIAD (Noise Instrument Analog Device) was first used to interface humans with machines, allowing each to comprehend the suffering of the other. UBERKUNST engaged in multiple dangerous and outrageous battles with hideous transdimensional beings and the enemies of structure and order, often misconstrued as "noise performances," until 2007 when their efforts to scare the Elder Gods to the other side of the cosmos left them so depleted that they had to be stored in cryogenic healing chambers. They can only be released from their chambers for 10-15 minutes a year, both to ensure their future survival when needed to carry out NIAD's will, but also to protect audiences from the deadly toxic radiation that the band emits after prolonged exposure to the horrors of the cosmos.
Uberkunst has appeared at ALL previous Norcal Noisefests
USTAM (sacramento)
Ustam utilizes shrieking vocals with droning instrumentation to set the tone for her unsettling performances.
Ustam is Kylie Jackson; the female counterpart in the duo DOEL who have performed at NF in 2014-15.
WAR HIPPY (los angeles)
War Hippy is a Noise duo based out of Los Angeles consisting of Cole Miller (Vortal Curb/Human Hands/Toxic Loincloth) and Jess Coble (The Zero Collective/Island of Misfit Toys/NovaHead vs ChickenTron). Focusing on the moment of inspired creation amidst the rubble; following the destruction/decimation of all you have held dear.
XOME (sacramento)
Xome is a harsh noise music project conceived and operated by Bob Scott. Xome first started experimenting with dissonant forms of music in 1989 but the first organized live performance in Tokyo in 1994 marks the true activation of the project. Now based in Sacramento, CA, Xome has evolved into a highly refined and extremely harsh noise music unit by means of improvised manipulation of sound generating and processing equipment.



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